Dear Smartphone,

We’ve had a great relationship over the years. You bring the world right to my fingertips. And you’re always there for me. Unfortunately, I’m a little too into you.

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This is a beautiful letter from Richard Feynman to a former student on what constitutes “important problems”. I’ve always felt that important problems are those that advance your own knowledge, and ideally, the knowledge of others. But there’s an even simpler definition: any problem that brings joy in its solving is worth your time.

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A man in Maryland got misidentified by twitter users as the perpetrator of a deplorable attack and he published an article about what the experience was like for him. The accusation was retreeted half a million times. This part jumped out at me:

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How to Learn

The article linked below espouses a concept I’ve always found to be true but never fully appreciated as clearly as it is explained here.

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