This site purportedly uses AI to measure the visual aesthetics of your website. I tried it with the one you’re now reading and was told what I knew all along: I’m visually average.

It must be accurate, right? I mean, it’s using AI! Also, the progress bar features an animated brain with neurons firing all over the place.

I take these results, like most modern AI claims, with a grain of salt, but I do like the idea that a compelling blog is about more than just content - it’s important to provide an attractive, visually appealing user experience.

Just for fun, I ran this tool on Google and Wikipedia. Guess what? Also visually average., on the other hand, earns a grade of “visually stunning” and significantly outscores both Facebook and Instagram.

This is a case where the current trend toward “Explainable AI” would come in handy - what specific aspects make a neural network think a site looks good (or bad)?

How attractive is your website?