I love this short interview from the New York Times with Jerry Seinfeld, about how he came up with one of his bits. I find his retelling of the creative process as funny as the actual delivery of the same material.

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Numerical Phrases

I was in sixth grade when I first saw this puzzle and it captivated me for a few days, because I have no problem wasting ridiculous amounts of time on useless activities (like this blog).

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This is a great read from the Washington Post in case you ever wondered what it might be like to challenge a conspiracy mongering, hate spewing, xenophobic candidate for US Congress.

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Beating the Casino

When I was a high school student in New Jersey, the state legalized gambling in Atlantic City. As a math and games enthusiast, I was immediately drawn to the Blackjack tables and the prospect of gaining an edge over the house by counting cards.

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Jupyter Notebooks are awesome but there are so many. Just at Google we have Colab, Kaggle Notebooks, and Cloud AI Platform Notebooks. So which should you use? The answer is “it depends”. This session will summarize your options and try to help you choose the best notebook for your needs.

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