Trump Dump Countdown

Black Sun

I love the first song in this Tiny Desk Concert. It’s an acoustic version of Black Sun, by Ben Gibbard. Enjoy…

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The Bench Rater

Samuel Wilmot rates benches throughout the UK on Instagram. Seriously, that’s what he does with most of his free time. And his reviews are sincere, thorough, and accurate.

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We learn differently at different ages. The learning advantages of the young mind are well established, particularly in the area of language acquisition. But in some dimensions, we may actually learn better at a more advanced age.

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Secret Sauce

I don’t speak a word of Italian and I have very little interest in the culinary arts, yet I was absolutely riveted by this video about how traditional authentic Italian tomato sauce is made.

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The Big Crash

Can you imagine the sort of worldwide panic that would ensue if everyone’s smart phone suddenly stopped working? Something analogous happened thirty years ago when, on January 15, 1990, the entire US long-distance telephone network crashed for nine hours.

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Check out this catalog of over 100 Free Online Courses from Harvard. Topics include the humanities, business, history, math and science (including Harvard’s award winning intro to Computer Science CS50) and many other subject areas.

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In my last article, I predicted the outcome for Nevada based on 86% of votes counted so far. In this article, I’m giving the same treatment to Arizona, based on 86% of its votes reported as of the time of this writing.

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