On Flexibility · · productivity

I learned something important today. I had an idea to suggest to someone. But I wasn’t neutral about this idea. I had an agenda. I wanted this person to agree with my position so that we could implement my plan. I made my case, detailing all the reasons why I thought my argument made perfect sense. The feedback I got was generally supportive but several questions were raised, all of which I internally deemed to be irrelevant.

A Second Chance - Helping Prisoners Learn New Skills · · edu

I spend most of my professional time helping developers understand how to harness Google Cloud technology to build great applications. But a recent engagement brought me somewhere I’d never been before, somewhere, I suspect, no other Google Developer Advocate has gone.

Apples & Oranges · · puzzles

In front of you are three boxes. One contains only apples, one contains only oranges and one contains a mix of apples and oranges.

Lead by Following · · edu

We should all try to be leaders, right? Not necessarily, but we can and should be great followers when we find a cause to believe in.

How to Learn · · edu

The article linked below espouses a concept I’ve always found to be true but never fully appreciated as clearly as it is explained here.

50 Great Docs · · movies

I love documentaries, especially the quirky, indie, offbeat ones you don’t hear about. Here’s a nice selection of 50 good ones available now on Netflix streaming.

Seven Habits · · edu

The title of this talk is “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Artists” but I think this advice is universal. It definitely resonates with me, from the perspective of my chosen field (software engineering).