Let’s face it - 2021 is going to look a lot like 2020. Given that, we’re all going to need more Netflix. Read on to see my new favorite documentary and a list of 40 good things to stream.

American Factory is a riveting true story about an unlikely culture clash. A Chinese glass manufacturer buys and retools a closed General Motors factory in Ohio, hiring local people to operate and manage this reborn and decidedly non-union plant.

Is this a nefarious plot to ironically turn the tables on our long-standing practice of outsourcing cheap labor to China or an admirable model for revitalizing the declining US manufacturing sector and rebuilding surrounding communities? Watch this winner of the 2020 Best Documentary Oscar to find out.

Bonus: here’s a summary of 40 good movies you can stream on Neflix right now:

What to Stream: Forty of the Best Movies on Netflix Right Now