This puzzle is an original trivia quiz where the answers are linked together into a chain.

The answer to each question is the name of a (more or less) famous person, where the last name of each answer gives the first name of the next answer (give or take a letter or two). The resulting sequence of answers forms a circular chain, where the bottom of the list connects to the first entry in the same fashion.

See how many names you can find and let me know if you like it. A few answers are pretty obscure so Googling is allowed and encouraged!

  • Slugger who broke Babe Ruth’s 33-year career home run record
  • Actor who played Jesse in Breaking Bad
  • Dutch Youtube guitar instructor with nearly 3M followers
  • Professor known as one of the most important philosphers of the 20th century
  • Hall of Famer best known for base stealing
  • Actor who portrayed Tom Robinson in To Kill a Mockingbird
  • REM’s lead guitarist
  • Sci-Fi adventurer, hero to millions of children in the 1930s
  • Founder of the state of Rhode Island
  • Lawyer and politician lampooned in Inherit the Wind
  • Actor who played the father on Family Affair
  • Rock legend and inspiration for Captain Jack Sparrow
  • American actor and director started his career in 1969’s Goodbye Columbus
  • British comedian, actor, author, playwright, lyricist, and director
  • The Rocket Man
  • Former Member of the Supremes
  • Lincoln’s infamous debate adversary
  • Computer scientist specializing in concurrent programming
  • Actress and singer who played Rachel on the TV series Glee
  • One of the original Mamas
  • Author of the book that inspired the film Blade Runner
  • Popular comic strip detective published from 1931 to 1977
  • Former world number 1 tennis star who won three grand slams
  • Singer whose biggest hit was Rocky (not the movie)
  • First songwriter to earn a Nobel Prize in Literature
  • Welsh poet who wrote Do not go gentle into that good night
  • Forest Gump portrayer