This week’s puzzle is an original trivia quiz with a twist.

The answer to each question is the name of a famous person, where the last name of one answer gives the first name of the next answer (give or take a letter or two). The resulting sequence of answers form a chain, like this one: Elton John, John Wayne, Wayne Brady, etc. See how many names you can find and post your answers in a comment below. If you get stuck, googling is allowed. Have a great weekend!

William Hurt’s co-star in 1985 film Kiss of the Spider Woman A very pretty woman Perhaps the best to ever play the royal game Stage and screen actor who played George Minkowski on Lost American rocker currently standing in judgement Filmmaker who popularized a character named Madea Popular TV lawyer created by Earle Stanley Gardner Composer of a famous guitar piece, fortunately not named Vintage Flatulence 50s era movie star seen floating in Norma Desmond’s pool Protagonist of a famously reclusive novelist’s beloved book Solution: Congrats to Katy Gustafson, Morag Livingston and Olaf Buehler for finding the chain of names. Here are the correct answers…

Raul Julia Julia Roberts Robert (Bobby) Fischer Fisher Stevens Steven Tyler Tyler Perry Perry Mason Mason Williams William Holden Holden Caulfield