I recently developed a new Python course, with a focus on beginners and practical examples. I call it Practical Python Programming for Everyone (ppp4e).

I’ve structured the course around Jupyter notebooks, which are interactive learning documents, containing my lecture notes, exercises, and homework assignments all in one place. I’m also releasing videorecordings of all eight classes.

All of this course material is available below, free of charge under a Creative Commons License.


Topic Notebook Video
Week 1 - Python Basics mco.fyi/py1 mco.fyi/vid1
Week 2 - Booleans, Expressions, Operators, and Conditionals mco.fyi/py2 mco.fyi/vid2
Week 3 - String Revisited and Loops mco.fyi/py3 mco.fyi/vid3
Week 4 - Functions, Modules, and IDEs mco.fyi/py4 mco.fyi/vid4
Week 5 - Tuples, Lists, Dictionaries, and Starting a Project mco.fyi/py5 mco.fyi/vid5
Week 6 - Reading and Writing Files, More Work on Project mco.fyi/py6 mco.fyi/vid6
Week 7 - The Internet & the Web, Enhancing our News Feed App mco.fyi/py7 mco.fyi/vid7
Week 8 - Data Science with Python & Deploying mynewsfeed in the Cloud mco.fyi/py8 mco.fyi/vid8


Contact me via marc@mco.dev.