In the darkness of night
When the world feels askew
I scroll through the news
And I’m outraged anew

I see things that make
My heart want to weep
And night after night
I struggle to sleep

They tell me stop scrolling
It does you no good
Your naive conclusions
Are misunderstood

It’s older than you
We’ve always been hated
You think this is simple
But it’s complicated.

Are you not able
To just get along?
We support Israel
And sadly, you’re wrong

You needn’t tell us
What we should know
We’ve asked you to stop
We’ll pray for you though

They don’t understand
At the end of the day
That I’m simply unable
To just look away

The bombs that they drop
Don’t care who they kill
And the dreams they destroy
Forever are still

Perhaps it does something
To help me survive
For when I speak out
I know I’m alive

So I think I’ll keep sharing
The thoughts in my head
Cause I’d rather be triggered
Than emotionally dead.

- by Marc Cohen