In a mere four minutes, this interactive page imparts some of the most basic rules of good web design. Even if you’re not a web designer, it’s a great investment in 21st century literacy.

As someone who often dabbles in building websites, I always feel a bit uncertain about how to optimize my designs. This tutorial starts with the simplest possible web page and incrementally improves the readability, structure, and aesthetics in just a few simple steps.

Let's say you have a product, a portfolio, or just an idea you want to share with everyone on your own website. Before you publish it on the internet, you want to make it look attractive, professional, or at least decent to look at.

What is the first thing you need to work on?

If you’d like to go deeper, another great resource I recently found and loved is this online book: Refactoring UI. The link points to one featured article from this work, but I highly recommend the whole book.