Black Sun

I love the first song in this Tiny Desk Concert. It’s an acoustic version of Black Sun, by Ben Gibbard. Enjoy…

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Dance Monkey

Take 2.5 minutes out of your day to watch this young man play Dance Monkey, with flair and finesse, on a public piano in a London train station.

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In Bruges

If I had to categorize “In Bruges”, I’d go with Thriller/Travelogue, which is not a very crowded field. It’s the story of two career hit men who go on a little vacation, ostensibly to lay low after a recent crime spree. But as you might guess, there’s more to this trip than meets the eye.

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Guitar Man

The full title of this book is “Guitar Man – A Six String Odyssey, or, You Love That Guitar More Than You Love Me”. It’s the autobiographical tale of a Brit named Will Hodgkinson, who takes up the guitar in his mid-thirties.

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I’m a sucker for offbeat, quirky documentaries. My favorites have a little dose of crazy – either in the characters or the story or both. For me, the craziness is what makes it human and compelling.

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The Informant

Oftentimes, when I start a new book my initial enthusiasm gets me through the first chapter or two. Then comes the moment of truth.

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As a long time chess player, I’ve often thought of chess as a metaphor for life. Decisions made at the chess board, like those made in life, can never be undone so you need to choose your moves carefully. As Thomas Wolfe said, “You can’t go home again”.

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