The answer to each clue is the name of a well known person, where the last name of each answer gives the first name of the next answer (give or take a slight variation). The resulting sequence of answers forms a circular chain, where the bottom of the list connects to the first entry in the same fashion.

See how many names you can find and let me know if you like it. Try to solve as many as you can, and Googling is allowed if you get stuck. If you like this puzzle, check out Chain Gang 1

  • Aerosmith Artist
  • Madea Maker
  • Courtroom Conjurer
  • Gifted Guitarist
  • Braveheart Basis
  • Dinner Discourser
  • Wranging Wrestler
  • Paper Pusher
  • Animated Author
  • Eighth is Enough
  • Clinton Confidant
  • Feline Foodmonger
  • Seventies Singer